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Oli was a lovebird who unfortunately could not fly... There is only one thing he wants in this world is migrate with his cousins. There should be another way to fly, right? Oli Wants to Fly! is a colourful and cheerful story to illustrate how to omit the obtacles by concentrating on solutions rather than problems. Oli Wants to Fly! teaches children of 3-6 ages to approach a problem from different perspectives and  to consider various ways to solve a problem.

Oli Wants to FLY!

  • Author: Zeynep AKTAŞ DURAL

    Illustrator: Zeynep AKTAŞ DURAL

    Editor: Meltem ERİNÇMEN KÂNOĞLU

    Graphic Designer: Sunguralp ŞOLPAN

    Publisher: Çikolata Yayınevi

    Genre: Picture Book

    Yaş : (+/-) 4

    Page: 32

    Edition: Ist Edition

    Place/Date: Istanbul/September 2022

    ISBN: 978-605-9713-78-8 

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