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There are thirty snail eggs under a small rock. Comes the spring time and the lavenders start to bloom, the snail eggs begin to hatch. One by one baby snails say hello to a new life outside their shells. However, one of the eggs is purple in colour and late to hatch. Everyone in the garden becomes curious about it. When the time comes and the purple egg hatches, to everyone’s surprise, a beautiful purple snail is born. At first, the brown and the green snails were all curious about this strange looking baby but soon they were all charmed by its cheerfulness and beauty. It looked so beautiful like the lavender flower and they named it Lila.


Lila the Purple Snail

  • Yazar : Meltem ERİNÇMEN KÂNOĞLU

    Çizer : Zeynep AKTAŞ DURAL

    Editör : Güniz GALAY

    Grafik Tasarım : Gürol ÖZTÜRK

    Yayınevi : Çikolata Yayınevi

    Tür : Resimli Öykü Kitabı

    Yaş : 3+

    Sayfa : 24

    Baskı : 1. Baskı

    Yer/Tarih : İstanbul/ Kasım 2018

    ISBN : 978-605-9713-31-3

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