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It is time for four puppies to go out of the room they were born. When they do so, they come to the edge of a very tall stairs. They are all scared at first. Then, their mother comes and tells them to imagine who they would like to be so that they would be brave enough to step down the stairs. One imagines herself to be a balerine, the other a magician, another puppy an astronout. However, Badem could not imagine anything untill his siblings broke something in the kitchen and shouted. Then, Badem decides he would be a knight that saves the others. When he gets down the stairs he looks back to the stairs and realises a problem would not be as big as he imagined after he stars dealing with it. The book indicates that one needs to focus on the solutions rather than problems.

Almond and The Giant Stairs

  • Author : Meltem ERİNÇMEN KÂNOĞLU
    Illustrator : Erhan GEZEN
    Colourist : Leyla GEZEN
    Editor : İlknur KALAY
    Graphic Design : Kenan KAYA
    Publishing House : Çikolata Yayınevi
    Genre : Picture Story Book
    Cover : Hard Cover
    Age : 4-6
    Page : 44
    Edition : 1st Ed.
    Place /Date : İstanbul/November 2018
    ISBN : 978-605-9713-30-6

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