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Nino the Hoglet woke up to a new day. It had never occured to her that her friends would sleep so late as she planned the beautiful day ahead. She then picked up her guitar and started singing joyful songs...

Nino the Hoglet narrates planning their day, overcoming problems and friendship to young readers in a cheerful way.

Nino the Hoglet Wakes Up Early

  • Author: Meltem ERINÇMEN KÂNOĞLU

    Graphic Designer: Sunguralp ŞOLPAN

    Editor: Volkan ERİNÇMEN

    Publisher: Çikolata Yayınevi

    Style: Cardboard / Shaped/ Picture Book

    Age: 2-4

    Page: 16

    Edition: 1st Ed.

    Plase/Date: Istanbul/ August 2021

    ISBN: 978-605-9713-72-6

    Price: 16,90 TL.

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